Raptors Taste Blood - Win Decisive Game 4 Against Warriors (Highlights)

Posted Saturday, 08 June 2019 11:20

From Rock Nation:

The Raptors are a scrappy team that fought hard to get where they are. Golden State simply is no match for them without all their starters on the floor. 

Historically there have been a few teams in the NBA to come back from a 3-1 disadvantage to win a series. The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by Lebron James actually did it against Golden State in 2017. The shocking thing is that no one believed it would be the Warriors that now must do it in this series! The Toronto Raptors handed the Golden State Warriors their second straight loss on their home court, 105-92, to take a decisive game 4 victory away from home.

The Raptors are playing really great basketball; but they're still not defeating the Warriors by a large margin, which means that Golden State are in desperate need of someone to who can easily fill the point gap and effectively erase the deficit. The only player who can do that is Kevin Durrant, who is still on the sidelines with a calf injury.

With Durrant still injured the Raptors have a golden opportunity to do what no team before them could do this series - beat a Durrant-less Warrior team. 

Kevin Durrant

Of course a pending Raptors title will certainly conjure "what if" scenarios, such as, What if Durrant was playing? What if the Warriors didn't lose Klay Thompson as well as Durrant in Game 3?  Those debates will certainly be had, but a win is a win; and if the name 'Raptor' means anything, it certainly means that helpless prey is easy prey - and there will be no mercy shown to a helpless Golden State this finals. 

Fear is an intense motivator. It is now a fight to survive, or die for The Golden State Warriors.

Raptors Taste Blood - Win Decisive Game 4 Against Warriors (Highlights)

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