"Stay at Home" Why That Must be Drilled into your Conscious

Posted Sunday, 12 April 2020 19:57
"Stay at Home" Why That Must be Drilled into your Conscious

A global anti-health initiative that is playing into the global agenda of one man.

It is quite plausible that the Covid-19 “pandemic” is not necessarily the threat we have all been led to believe. We know that the number of deaths directly related to Covid-19 is dubious. The more immediate question is, why is the medical establishment, utilizing antiquated medical techniques, dating back over 150 years, to justify quarantine and isolation of millions of people across the world?

The oft-repeated phrase, “social distancing” is parroted on television and the internet by medical practitioners, politicians and celebrities, advising everyone that in order to defeat Covid-19, we must adhere to this practice.

What is social distancing? In laymen’s terms, it simply means that in order to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 virus, people must remain at least 6 feet away from other people. No human contact, including hugging, kissing or even shaking someone’s hand is advised.

Following the implementation of mandatory quarantine protocols, citizens of the free planet were later confined to their homes for an initial period of two (2) weeks by emergency order of their respective national governments. Limited social contact morphed into no contact at all with other human beings, save those who live in the same household.

The new mantra now being parroted across international media is, "stay at home" and it must be repeated as often and as aggressively as possible. The reason implied for this campaign is because nation states simply want to limit the spread of Covid-19. Be that as it may, there may exist another agenda behind what is presented on the surface. 

You can trust us!

Notwithstanding the vastly improved environmental landscape, as the result of a significant decrease in human interaction with the outside world, the international agenda of isolating humanity from itself is imposing the opposite effect on the physical and mental health of human beings.

In May, 2019, an article posted by the American Psychological Association points out: 

"Regardless of whether loneliness is increasing or remaining stable, we have lots of evidence that a significant portion of the population is affected by it," says Holt­Lunstad. "Being connected to others socially is widely considered a fundamental human need—crucial to both well-being and survival."

In a piece posted by The Insider, dated March 26, 2020, experts {correctly} state that human beings are social animals and that isolation has a {negative} impact on our health. The article further states:

“Research has found that perceived social isolation and loneliness are associated with depression, cognitive decline, poor sleep quality, a weaker immune system, and potential heart problems.”

More pointedly, loneliness, depression, a decline in cognitive (mental) function and poor sleep (stress is also a factor) significantly decrease the proper function of the human immune system. The human immune system should be the priority topic of discussion of the medical establishment. They have not addressed the matter at all.

When operating at optimum efficiency, the human immune system is the ultimate weapon in the fight against Covid-19 – whether the virus is real, fake or simply imaginary.

But, instead of embarking on a global mission to provide real information and assistance to reboot the human immune system, through proper diet, clean food and water, proper exercise, adequate rest, sunlight and human interaction, national governments, with the full blessing of so-called “medical experts”, have implemented what can only be described as an opposite, “anti-life” agenda to crash national economies, destroy jobs, homes, businesses and people, all of which specifically worsens the crisis, not end it.

Human beings are being herded, like cattle, indoors exposing tens of thousands, if not millions of people to the very threats that severely and rapidly weaken the human immune system. (especially those whose immune systems are already compromised) In addition, people have no choice but to consume significantly more processed foods, a well-known “remedy” for dealing with bouts of depression, but which also releases a flood of chemicals and toxins into the blood stream.

This research is confirmed by Dr. Shiva Ayaadurai, a prominent scientist and physician with multiple degrees in medicine and biological engineering. Dr. Ayaadurai explained that isolating humans induces stress, which increases inflammatory compounds in the body and deregulates viral compounds, such as would be gained from spending adequate time outside, under sunshine.

Dr. Shiva Ayaadurai

This is the basis under which a proper knowledge of the human immune system is understood and how it works. The government, in cooperation with the medical establishment, appear to be purposely fomenting the very conditions wherein the Covid-19 virus would absolutely thrive.


Because by increasing illness and the potential for illness strengthens the pretext of a Covid-19 pandemic. Who is to say who really has or had the virus, instead of bronchitis, the flu, asthma, 5G radiation poisoning, a weak heart, or any other viral or anti-respiratory infection? Dead people don’t tell tales; and since symptoms of Covid-19 mimic other ailments so well, individuals who “survived” Covid-19 wouldn’t really know if they had the virus or not.

Every death occurring in 2020, thus far, appears to be Covid-19 related, more than any other cause of death. There is controversy surrounding a directive issued by the Center for Disease Control, relating to death certificates being signed off on, listing Covid-19 as an underlying cause of death, even where it is assumed that Covid-19 contributed to the cause of death. If such a practice is true, it can artificially boost the number of Covid-19 deaths. Fact Check conducted their own investigation into the matter but i digress.

The endgame it seems is to create an enormous, planet-wide scenario of death and disease, due to an emerging viral pandemic, wherein the only hope for humanity is a global vaccination program to save lives. The man at the helm of this one-size-fits-all agenda is none other than Bill Gates.

Apart from a plausible suspicion to poison as many people as possible though unnecessary vaccinations, Gates, in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry, stands to make billions of dollars from a successful global vaccination initiative.

Bill Gates

Could this be why “Stay at Home” is broadcast repeatedly across the world - to exacerbate (to make worse) all the physical and emotional conditions needed to keep this pandemic alive and well? The media even have the public engaged in social media campaigns, encouraging other people to "stay at home", while totally oblivious to the fact that they are contributing to their own physical destruction.

It was Gates himself who said that social gatherings may not return until vaccinations are complete, thereby attempting to induce fear that humans will not be able to interact until they submit to a vaccination, whether they are sick or not, and for a virus (real or not) which is completely curable with proper care and nutrition.

It should be known that Gates is NOT a doctor, neither is he a scientist, yet he commands the world stage with national governments, medical professionals and even the World Health Organization, marching to the beat of his drum; but his seemingly hypnotic spell is really a con man’s game involving lots of money.

Gates is the second largest funder of the World Health Organization. The United States is the largest. You read that right. A single human being is the second largest financial donor, after an entire country, to a vast entity that is the World Health Organization. Gates also funds the Center for Disease Control and the pharmaceutical industry; but with no medical or scientific knowledge, it should not be difficult, even for a kindergartener, to see that his agenda, although noble on the surface, is highly suspect and should be regarded as extremely dangerous.




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