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Let's dispense with the myth and be honest about what the real issue is here. There is no “Homosexual (or Gay) Lifestyle”

Posted On Monday, 16 September 2019 23:35

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The following opinion piece was submitted merely as an observation and subsequent query of church practice regarding its position against LGBTQ. It is not intended to be a defense of any social agenda, organization or group

Posted On Monday, 02 September 2019 00:49

From Bermuda Source:

At the least, we should know by now that you cannot trust the mainstream media to tell you the truth about anything.

Posted On Saturday, 10 August 2019 18:28

Interesting Opinion Piece from The Royal Gazette:

Author: Christine Emba

The internet has enabled the flourishing of countless subcultures, from the harmless to the less so. Lately, one of the latter group has begun to break into the mainstream: the “incels”.

Incel is short for “involuntary celibate” and, as their self-imposed name implies, these mostly young men have come to define themselves by their inability to find a sexual or romantic partner. Men who identify as being #foreveralone have gathered online in forums such as Reddit to trade stories of woe.

These communities tend to be self-reinforcing. Members believe that their looks or personal traits have consigned them lifelong loneliness, and similarly downbeat peers are always willing to add more fuel to that fire. And the incel community has developed elaborate, and elaborately misogynistic, theories to blame others for their plight, centred on the idea that women are shallow, stupid and cruel — exclusively choosing only a handful of the most attractive men to be with and disdaining the rest. All men should deserve a chance with women, incels tell themselves, but some men have all the luck while they get left out.

Today, the incel subculture has become not just self-reinforcing but self-radicalising, often with tragic outcomes. At its most horrifying extremes, self-described incels have taken their anger out on the women they believe are refusing them. At least two mass shooters have left behind manifestos identifying themselves as adhering to incel ideology, and explaining their actions as taking revenge on the world that has not given them the women they think they deserve.

Full story HERE

Posted On Monday, 10 June 2019 21:10

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