Make it make sense

Posted Friday, 14 January 2022 15:26
Make it make sense

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Yes, even the ones pushing the Covid drama often look as if even they are having difficulty believing what they say.

January 2022:

Bermuda entered its second official year of the so-called “Covid-19 Pandemic.” The first two cases of Covid-19 were recorded in Bermuda in March 2020. Within the last 21 months, the island endured one strain of the original Covid-19 virus, followed closely by the Delta and Omicron variants respectively. 

As of January 10, 2022, the total number of Covid cases in Bermuda stands at 7880 or just over 12.5% of the total population of Bermuda, at 62,000 souls. This means that within 21 months, just under 90% of Bermuda’s population is Covid free, despite what it appears to be a deliberate and coordinated attempt by a few government and health officials to spin Covid-19 into an event far more serious than it really is.

Geographically, Bermuda is 21 square miles with a population of 62,000 souls. To be fair, 7.8k souls who contracted a flu virus of whatever sort, over a period of 21 months, would be a bit of an issue, but it would barely equal the nightmare pandemic we have only read about in the media. How do you handle a real pandemic were 7,880 cases of Covid is reported in such a small jurisdiction over 21 months?

It would help if the Ministry of Health released statistics identifying the number of people who were genuinely ill (symptomatic) apart from the number of people who tested positive for Covid-19 but were not clinically ill. And if those records, dated from March 2020 to January 2022 were published, might they reveal that the number of genuine infections is significantly reduced? 7,880 cases do not equal 7,880 sick people.   

It would certainly answer the baffling question of why the Ministry of Health enacted legislation in 2021, making it illegal for a-symptomatic carriers to refuse quarantine, even if they did not display flu symptoms following a positive test result.

To be fair in such cases, if a subject tested positive without symptoms, it is widely accepted within the medical establishment that a period of 1-4 days is sufficient for the body to alert to the presence of a retrovirus; and if someone has tested positive without symptoms, it is an acceptable precaution to quarantine for a period not exceeding four (4) days.

In the preceding 21 months, subjects who tested positive for Covid-19 and who suffered zero symptoms, were forced by law in Bermuda to quarantine for 14 days - many of whom still never displayed one symptom thereafter. This is tantamount to imprisonment in your own home. There is no valid scientific studies that prove conclusively that Covid-19 (and especially the stronger Delta variant) take 14 days to induce flu symptoms in an infected individual.

Late last year, (2021) an estimated 10,000 people in Bermuda were said to be under quarantine; but the number of genuinely sick people did not rise to an alarming level after 14 days. Could it be that the overwhelming majority of people ordered into quarantine were never sick to begin with? And even after a pre-cautionary 4-day quarantine period had expired, how many of those 10,000 people still never contracted symptoms of a virus, but remained trapped in their homes for a further 10 days?

It is this writer's opinion that the 14 day quarantine rule was imposed from the outset of Covid-19 to ensure that the number of "quarantine victims" remained artificially high to lend credibility to the idea of a genuine Pandemic. Also, in a real viral pandemic, if we witnessed people dropping on the job, in the streets or in the grocery store, who would the government have to force to stay inside? Residents would confine themselves to their homes without question.

Covid-19 was said to be stronger than the flu, which takes 1-4 days to overwhelm a healthy individual. The Delta variant was supposed to be stronger than the original Covid virus, which would make it even stronger than the flu; but during the spread of the original Covid virus and the stronger delta variant, why didn't health officials ever think to shorten the 14-day quarantine mandate, if not to at least give the official narrative more credibility? There is simply no way viruses more powerful than the flu will require 14 days to induce symptomatic reaction to their presence in the human body. It is simply nonsense.

Was Covid and the subsequent Delta variant ever as strong as reported in the media for almost two years? In fact, in a report dated December 27, 2021, the Center for Disease control reduced the 14-day isolation requirement to 5 days, following the advent of the less powerful but more contagious Omicron variant. Why now?

In fact, in a article by the UK Daily Mail, dated December 1, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) claim that the Omicron variant is mild and mostly gives no symptoms. In Botswana, South Africa, the supposed origin of the Omicron variant, a-symptomatic infections are at 85%  

Following a local press conference held on Thursday, January 13, 2022, the Ministry of Health finally reduced the 14-day quarantine rule for non-vaccinated residents to 10 days. A test is required on day 10 to leave quarantine. Vaccinated residents now enjoy a 7-day quarantine rule. Still, from a medical perspective, it all denies logic or common sense. Surely, Health Officials in Bermuda know better.

The next article will pose the question:

Is the Ministry of Health, specifically the Minister for Health, knowingly committing a criminal offence by encouraging or coercing residents to inject a substance into their bodies, while fully aware of the potential for injury or death as a result?

In 1981, the pharmaceutical giants who produce these vaccines were made exempt from prosecution for any injury or death caused by their products. Since the advent of Covid-19, thousands of people across the world have either died or become severely ill after being injected with Covid vaccines.

These “vaccines” are still in clinical trials until the end of 2022. They cannot even be referred to as “Vaccines” because they did not undergo all the necessary testing protocols to attain that designation – a process which often takes more than three (3) years.

The Covid “therapies”, particularly Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, were granted “Emergency Use Authorization.”  This means that mainstream media propaganda that pushed Covid-19 as a dangerous virus, was so convincing that populations around the world offered themselves up as “Guinea Pigs” for a substance that took only 303 days to develop, to combat a virus with a recovery rate of over 90%

According to Bermuda’s vaccine tracker, almost 75% of residents have been fully immunized. That is over 42,000 residents with two (2) jabs of an unknown chemical mix in their bodies. Early last year, (2021) two jabs equaled full immunization. As of 2022, the narrative is changed.

Two jabs apparently offer little or no protection. A third jab (booster) is now required to attain full immunization. This became necessary after western governments began reporting that people who were administered two jabs of a Covid vaccine were still contracting Covid-19.

In Bermuda, the Ministry for Health pushed the narrative that the spike in Covid-19, particularly in fully immunized people, was the fault of those residents who remained unvaccinated. By September 2021, a record 1,513 cases of Covid-19 were recorded on the island. On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, an article appeared in the RG, wherein the Minister for Health stated,  

“Unfortunately, the current outbreak is being predominantly driven by members of the Bermuda community who are not vaccinated.”

Over 40,000 residents were fully vaccinated at this time, which means that most of the island was supposedly immunized. The minority remained unvaccinated. However, it was the Minister’s bold but unsubstantiated claim that unvaccinated people were responsible for the spread, when it is now becoming apparent that the vaccines are not as effective as previously reported. It is challenging to keep track of the narratives surrounding this pandemic. They change quite often. 

The Ministry for Health should immediately release details showing who is sick, instead of feeding the media raw data about rising infection rates. That only opens wide the door for residents to assume that hundreds of people are laying somewhere, severely ill - a psychological tactic that induces unwarranted fear.

The government can release literally any storyline it wants. The headline doesn’t need to be true. The public simply need to believe it is true. No one is running about the island searching for hundreds of ill Covid patients. The only glimpse of validity of a local Covid pandemic is where we witness family members and friends become ill with respiratory issues. So, if a family member or a friend at work become ill, the media headlines and press conference reports, citing hundreds of sick people, spread across the island, must also be true.

But humanity has suffered from respiratory viruses for centuries. Some people suffer minor symptoms. Others suffer more severe symptoms and recover, while others, unfortunately, pass away due to complications from respiratory failure. This has always been the ebb and flow of life.

What we are witnessing today is the genius of technology, where mass media outlets can reach across the planet in seconds, delivering frightening headlines and storylines of mass infections and death from Covid-19. The moment this kind of shoddy journalism ends, so too will the Covid pandemic fade from the collective awareness.

Consider the thousands of casualties from the flu and pneumonia that occur across the planet each year; but the media does not report one word of it. Hence, you are not aware of it and life goes on. Covid-19 is a “pandemic” in Bermuda, because some very powerful people who steer this agenda on a planetary scale, want it that way.



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