Mind Games

Posted Thursday, 23 September 2021 17:20
Mind Games

Death! Fear! Dread! Panic!

Your mind can see what your eyes cannot.

This article is not intended to disrespect or dishonor the victims or families that have suffered and/or lost friends and family members. Those events are real. Only the circumstances, as regularly reported by the government, remain questionable.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the Headline in the Royal Gazette read as follows:

Covid-19: Another Death, Active Cases Pass the 1,500 Mark.

In This report The Minister for Health, Kim Wilson, made this statement:

“Unfortunately, the current outbreak is being predominantly driven by members of the Bermuda community who are not vaccinated.”

That is quite a bold statement. But of course, the public should be use to unsubstantiated information, in the absence of details that should be a critical part of daily reporting. So let's add some details, which may prove helpful in offering some more context to the Minister's statement.

Out of 1,513 "active cases" of Covid-19, how many victims were a-symptomatic and are currently sitting at home not sick? How many victims suffered light flu symptoms and are comfortably recovering at home? How many victims were admitted to hospital with other serious ailments other than Covid, but Covid is the only ailment mentioned as the cause for admission to hospital? How many people have passed away after suffering for weeks or months from terminal illnesses or other ailments, but Covid is reported as the sole cause of death?

As of last week, there were 10,000 people in quarantine. This number certainly include people who tested positive for Covid but never became ill and people who came in close contact with other infected people but never became ill.

1513 “active cases” of Covid is equal to 2.44% of the population. Transparency demands that the public be provided with an honest account of how these cases are being recorded. 

This criterion mentioned above would be extremely helpful to the public. But the media seems to care more about reporting large numbers of infections, which conjures impressions in the collective conscious that 1,513 people are terribly ill. The classic consideration for such raw headlines is that the media is engaging in fearmongering tactics. But that is simply untrue...right?

Over 1500 New Cases. Disaster Alert Level 3…or so it goes in recent RG headlines.

It sure does sound frightening though.

Concerning the many individuals who are either quarantined without symptoms or who have tested positive for Covid-19 without symptoms, within 1-4 days of being tested or quarantined, it cannot be overstated:

An active respiratory virus infection, provoking an “Asymptomatic” response, is NOT a biological function of the human body. If someone tests positive for a severe respiratory ailment, such as Covid and the more serious Delta variant, with zero symptoms for the duration of that infection, then that person was NOT sick! And every medical practitioner worth their salt knows that. There is no such respiratory virus, such as Covid-19, (or the more powerful Delta variant) supposedly so lethal that would not leave even the healthiest person with a cough, sneeze, runny nose, or other more severe symptomatic reactions to infection.

With these details in mind, there are grounds to challenge that a large segment of those 10,000 souls in quarantine are NOT ill and should not be in quarantine – at least not for 14 days. However, the Ministry of Health has made it illegal to not quarantine for 14 days after exposure to Covid-19, even though the human body takes significantly less time (1-4 days) to display obvious symptoms, indicating the presence of an active respiratory virus.

The new quarantine law conveniently allows sufficient time for an overlap of new asymptomatic cases and close contact cases. It keeps more people out of the general community longer than necessary before even more people are pulled out. This tactic impresses on the mind the idea that the “pandemic” is wreaking havoc on the island.10,000 (unnecessary) quarantines is 1/3 of the population. Out of those 10,000 people, how many people suffered viral symptoms within 1-4 days? How many people endured the entire 14-day quarantine without suffering one symptom? The Ministry for Health should also provide this information where possible.

These are the sort of details the media should investigate and actively report to the public. Better still, the public should actively enquire about it...every day. The objective is simple: What is really Covid-19 and what isn't? Who really died from Covid alone - with no other complications? Who was admitted to the hospital with Covid alone - with no other respiratory or medical issues? How many people infected with Covid have no symptoms? How many close contacts never developed symptoms? If The Ministry of Health is sincere not trying to stir public alarm, thus, force more people to make rushed, erratic decisions, then it should release the true details of how covid-19 cases are being recorded. 1,513 "active cases" would easily become half of that number or lower.

It is no secret that a small segment of the population already believe that the government is clearly lying - or at the least, it is not forthcoming with relevant details that should be released to the public. 

This is not an attempt to dismiss Covid-19; but rather, it is an attempt to accurately gauge just how serious this "virus" is by itself, so that members of the public can make more informed decisions for themselves, and learn (or re-learn) how to manage their own bodies. The public need to be reminded that our friends and family pass away every year from respiratory viruses and/or complications. In 2015, 23 people died from respiratory disease, compared to 9 people who died from Covid -19 in 2020. They were never reported in the paper as "Another Respiratory Death". But "Another Covid Death" is quick to make the headline.

Keep in mind however that Quarantine IS necessary - but only if the threat of a pandemic is real. And the evidence of a real respiratory virus pandemic, historically, has always been the pervasive and visible presence of mass sickness, (symptomatic) infecting a large segment of a population…within 1-4 days! This is a proven biological process, demonstrated in the human body for centuries; but since the advent of Covid-19, suddenly, the human body no longer works in this fashion.

Your body no longer alerts you immediately to the presence of a severe respiratory virus actively lurking within you – something it was doing long before Covid. The Minister of Health now insists that only a test can determine that you have a respiratory infection, and that infection must be Covid-19. And even after the test tells you that you are sick, but your body (immune system specifically) says, “no you are not”, the Minister of Health can now decree, “yes you are,” and now, by law, you are ordered to quarantine for 14 days.

This is textbook madness; and whether it is madness induced by extreme fear, ignorance, or a mixture of both, many of us have (literally) taken leave of our senses.

We have abandoned the ability to see the function of our external bodies in the absence of virus symptoms. We have abandoned our ability to feel our external bodies, since we are now being told that we are sick, without symptoms. And we have abandoned our ability to hear our own awareness and other dissenting voices calling attention to some dubious activity perpetrated by the Ministry for Health. Without acute activation of our senses, we are essentially unaware. It is robotic. We only respond in the way we are told...as if we have no choice.

If anything, the onset of this “pandemic,” whether real (highly doubtful) or severely exaggerated, has demonstrated beyond all doubt that many of us possess not even a basic understanding of how our bodies (immune system) works – especially as it relates to viruses and bacteria; even though we experience the same respiratory functions and failures, year after year.

The flu, which has reportedly disappeared, (but not really) is said to be less dangerous than Covid. But for centuries, the basic flu virus has consistently demonstrated that it can take down a healthy human within 4 days; and in even less time for someone who does not enjoy good health.

The Covid-19 virus is said to be a naturally occurring virus, but even more powerful than the flu. The supposed “Delta Variant”, the mutation of Covid, is said to be even stronger, and this is widely believed to be the strain currently “plaguing” Bermuda.

It is in this writer’s humble opinion that a mutated virus, twice stronger than the flu, which enters a human host, will not casually infect its host over a period of 14 days, without symptoms, when a less lethal flu virus can put its victim down with obvious symptoms (of illness) almost 3 times as fast. This is compelling evidence of pseudo-science. In the absence of honest journalism and government transparency, asymptomatic doctrine and 14-day quarantines, are necessary criteria, which forms a material part of the ongoing saga of Covid-19.

Perhaps there is less to fear of what is dubbed a "pandemic" and more to fear of what is being reported to the public about it.

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