Led By The Data

Posted Saturday, 08 May 2021 22:15
Led By The Data

Follow the data?

Ok, but what data is the government following? or is the government and the data moving in different directions?

Pandemic: a disease prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world.

Premier David Burt encourages the public to follow the science as it relates to Covid-19. Indeed, he insists that he is “led by the data” to justify how his government manages this so-called “Covid -19 pandemic”. But what does the “data” say? And what does it mean?

If we the public, choose to believe the official government narrative, then perhaps we are not being led by an accurate interpretation of the data, but rather by intentional misinterpretation of the data, which is fed to us by the media.

So, if the government genuinely encourages people to follow the data, then we should follow it where it leads – not merely because we want to know what is “going on” because that suggests that we simply accept what is being presented in the media as “facts” and that is as far as we are prepared to go with it. But the data, if we analyze it, instead of just reading what is reported in a newspaper, should spark some measure of interpretive curiosity and provoke some pertinent questions.

In other words, will the government’s own data on Covid-19 lead a reasonable person to believe that there is genuine validity in what it reports about Covid-19? The government wants the public to believe (according to the data) that Bermuda is amid a “Pandemic.” It also wants the public to believe that the data accurately points to that as a “fact.”

As of Wednesday, May 6, 2021, a total of 2427 cases of Covid-19 infections were recorded in Bermuda. Two (2) things must be noted: First, a “positive” case is not the same as someone who became physically sick (symptoms). A “positive” case simply means someone who tested positive for Covid – or something that had the characteristics of an active virus, and that person was thus declared “infected.”

Second, a “recovered” person is not the same as a person who was physically sick (symptoms) and got better. The ministry of health wants the public to believe that it also means someone who tested positive, quarantined for 14 days, and was simply allowed to resume normal life thereafter. Even if the infected person never became ill, it is still entered statistically as a recovery.

Having no symptoms of a respiratory illness but believing the dubious results of the PCR test that tells you that you are “actively infected” with a respiratory illness is lunacy.  This has NEVER been the definition of clinical illness and the medical establishment know this very well.

The term “a-symptomatic” is a contrived catch phrase to describe someone who is actively infected with Covid, while experiencing no symptoms of an active infection. Without asymptomatic carriers, the ministry of health would not otherwise be able to convince the public of the existence of a viral pandemic, because far too few people would become visibly ill, (symptomatic) to prove that claim. 

A-symptomatic Covid infections provides the ministry of health with the means to inflate the number of active infections artificially and dishonestly. And so long as those numbers and the health status of infected individuals remain guarded from public scrutiny, the premier can use the phrase, we will be “led by the data” without ever really following it – not honestly at least.

Deadly viruses (at least one more powerful than the flu) will strike its victim down within 3 days. The 14-day incubation period for Covid-19, in this writer’s opinion, is fraudulently contrived science, which enables the ministry of (anti) health to maintain artificially high infection rates to boost the number of people in quarantine who are NOT clinically ill.

High quarantine numbers are a critical feature in a pandemic. But if you do not have enough genuinely sick people to mandate quarantine, it is easy to invent terms like, asymptomatic to justify imprisoning people who are not sick, and employ the method of "contact tracing" to lockdown other people who did not come into direct contact with an infected person, but instead, came into contact with someone else who came into contact with an infected person. This provided the ministry of health with the "legal" means to transform private homes into domestic concentration camps.

The quarantine campaign did not improve health. It made it worse. Stress-inducing frustration and isolation does not cultivate sound mental health. In addition, viruses super spread in enclosed areas. Being stuck at home with more than one other person in your household, due to quarantine regulations, increases the liklihood of contracting a virus, which leads to more testing, until you have conducted more tests than you have population.

Asymptomatic carriers are NOT carriers at all! The government cannot insist that Covid-19 is “deadly” and “serious” if it infects most individuals who do NOT become ill! The ministry of health is not prepared to reveal to the public the simple truth that the PCR test does not isolate and identify a specific pathogen, (virus, germ or bacteria) for two (2) valid reasons:

1. The test was created in 1981 and it was never designed originally for pathogen identification. It can only detect the presence of viral material that everyone carries in their system. That material could be anything from cell fragments to flu or other dead viral strands. If the PCR detects a large load of that viral material, the test result will be "positive". If it detects less of that viral material, the test result will be "negative".

2. Covid-19 was said to be a new virus, which only appeared in 2019. How could a 40-year-old PCR test, which was never designed to detect a specific pathogen in the first place, identify a brand new pathogen 40 years later?

The ministry of health needs to be forthcoming on the fact that a significant number of false positive tests results are widely reported across the world. This explains why even with a scant 2427 cases of Covid-19 reported in Bermuda, the majority of infections are without symptoms.

According to the data found on the official government website, we now have the official numbers on Covid-19. So, where does the data lead? Let us “follow” it.

As of May 4, 2021, the total number of people tested in Bermuda for Covid-19 was 242,886. Out of that number, 240,459 test results were negative, which provides us with those 2427 positive cases. A few things to note:

The population of Bermuda is roughly 62,100 souls, which means that from March 2020 to May 2021, the ministry of health tested the equivalent of 4 times the entire population. 2427 Covid cases is 0.99% of the total number of people tested and 3.91% of the population.

However, since we know that not every local was tested, it means several residents were tested repeatedly. This means the original 0.99% of the total number of people tested is lower because it is most likely that several residents were tested more than once. One person is equal to 3 or 4 tests, which boost the numbers.

Nonetheless, be mindful that the 2427 infected cases of Covid in Bermuda are over a period of two (2) calendar years (2020, 2021). In 2020, the total number of Covid cases was around 420, with nine (9) deaths. But just five (5) years previous, in 2015, out of a total of 466 deaths of all causes, 5% (or 23 deaths) were due to respiratory disease. Covid was less scary than respiratory ailments in 2015. Who cared? Who screamed "pandemic"? Who even knew?

At this writing, it was not determined exactly how many people were tested in 2020 to derive the total percentage of infections for that year; but a best estimate would put that figure below 1% of the total number of people tested for that year. The total percentage of deaths (9) in 2020 out of 420 infected cases is 2.1%. The total number of deaths (21 deaths) in 2021, out of the 2007 positive cases for the year, is 1.04%

Even as far back as 2007, the Pan American Health Organization reported that 47.4% of deaths for that year were caused by disease of the respiratory system. Who sounded the alarm?

The total number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 (in two calendar years) is 30. The number of deaths from respiratory disease (Covid) for 2020, 2021 remain on par with respiratory deaths in previous years. It should also be noted that in cases were respiratory diseases were reported in Bermuda, from 2006 to 2010, ALL cases were SYMPTOM related. An "asymptomatic carrier" of an active respiratory virus was unheard of before 2019.

Of course, the number of Covid deaths can easily be manipulated under the World Health Organization's dubious definition of a "Covid death". It can include a death where Covid was a "contributing factor" or where it was merely "assumed" that Covid was involved at all.

So, regardless of any other illness someone may have had - even terminal, if Covid is involved, either directly or indirectly, there is nothing to stop a Doctor from assigning "death due to Covid" on a certificate - even if the victim suffered from stage 4 lung cancer. 

In 2009, respiratory disease was one of the leading causes of death in Bermuda for people over 60 years old, and it was responsible for 9.4% of all hospitalizations. From 2006 to 2010, 7% of males 15-19 years old were hospitalized for respiratory disease.

Even if we account for the 30 deceased patients due to Covid-19, and factor in the 16 current hospitalizations, supposedly due to covid-19, the total number of Covid related hospitalizations is 46 or 1.89% of total infections, and 0.07% of the population. This is over a period of two (2) calendar years. So, even if we hear of more "Covid related" deaths in 2021, the numbers will not become worrisome.

Bermudians have always suffered from respiratory disease; and just like the rest of the world, we lose loved ones because of it every year. Covid-19 has NOT been a significant threat in Bermuda from March 2020 until now (May 2021). Unless the Ministry of Health is prepared to reveal other data for respiratory disease in 2020, 2021, Covid-19 alone does not prove itself to be the big threat it was made out to be...not in Bermuda at least.

But if the Ministry of Health revealed other data for respiratory disease, to coincide with the advent of Covid-19, such as flu, chest infections, asthma and pneumonia, it would undermine Covid, and the public would realize that we are not enduring a real pandemic.

So, where was the pandemic between March and December 2020? Where is the pandemic between January and May 2021? Scroll back to the top of this article and refresh your mind on the definition of a Pandemic. Was the entire nation (island) of Bermuda suffering from the prevalence of a deadly respiratory virus in 2020? Are we plagued by a deadly respiratory virus in 2021?

Readers should be reminded that in April 2020, the government declared a state of emergency and shut the entire island down after only 37 cases of Covid-19 was reported on the island. A year later, it is still undetermined whether or not that decision was either a rush to judgment or purposely orchestrated. 

Regarding the vaccine, the premier's tenacious insistence that it is the only way to return things to "normal", despite the very clear fact that the data points us neither toward a pandemic nor state of emergency, should raise a few eyebrows. After testing the island almost four (4) times over, Bermuda returned a total of 2427 infected cases in two (2) calendar years. More than half of that number recovered without a vaccine.

Moreover, is the ministry of health prepared to thoroughly investigate the reports of death and severe illnesses of some of the recipients of the Pfizer vaccine in Bermuda? The adverse affects of all 4 vaccines are not a secret; but they are under-reported in Bermuda.  

Historically, viral pandemics have a life span of two (2) years. As this so-called "pandemic" begins to wind down, clearly the data concludes that over 97% of the population did NOT contract Covid-19, even after repeated testing, which includes a number of false positive results, which the ministry will never admit. Why does the government still aggressively insist that 70% of the population get vaccinated, to the point of forcing the issue?

It is not this writer’s intention to debunk the existence of Covid-19. Indeed, there are respiratory virus out there. They certainly cause illness and they certainly do contribute to fatalities. But the data leads to the conclusion that what we are experiencing in Bermuda is nothing more than an acute flu season.

How many people reading this article have ever constantly been informed, either by government updates or relentless media reports, of a respiratory related death before 2019, unless it was a family member? And even then, you found out by another family member. No one from the ministry of health deemed it necessary to report deaths due to respiratory failure to the public – even when respiratory deaths in previous years claimed more lives than Covid.

The only critical difference between then and now is that the government WANTS Covid-19 to be at the forefront of the public mind and the mainstream media, perhaps in cooperation and/or collusion with government officials, has been doggedly determined to overlay reality with the illusion of a Covid-19 pandemic, by methodically and consistently thrusting the presence of Covid-19 into the collective conscious, and censoring all scientific information that challenges the government's "official" pandemic storyline.

This is proof of itself that there is something else going on entirely, and it is not motivated by genuine concern for the good health of the public. Bermuda desperately needs a Constitutional Motion if there is no other way to halt what appears to be a full out assault on sovereign citizens by tyrannical officials within the Bermuda government.

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