Criminalizing Oxygen (to save your life)

Posted Monday, 03 May 2021 22:56
Criminalizing Oxygen (to save your life)

Well duh! 

Breathing oxygen is not just "a thing" you do. It's a natural interaction that occurs to sustain your life. We take this for granted. Who would have ever thought that after all these years of walking this earth, we would actually be fooled into giving it up for our "safety"? 

From Bermuda Source:

Prior to the start of the Car Rally, held on Sunday, May 2, I was in the parking lot across from Butterfield Bank on Front Street with others who had attended the rally. I was approached by a female police inspector who told me that I would have to put on my mask. I requested a citing of the appropriate law, which suddenly made it illegal for me to breathe oxygen while outside. She could not provide an answer and so therefore I refused to comply with her instruction. She walked away. Even if she did quote some draconian law, asking me to wear a mask in public, I still would have refused to comply with her instruction.

Bermuda, the scary part about that exchange with a “law enforcement” officer was that for a fraction of a second, I believed I was doing something wrong. I believed that I was wrongfully disobedient for refusing an “instruction” to cover my mouth and my nose and passively become compliant to not breathe oxygen within an open environment.

I never thought it would ever come to this, but it cannot be overstated. Breathing oxygen is not a constitutional or human right. It is a biological NECESSITY for life! The requirement for mandatory use of masks, whether inside or outside, to guard against a flu virus, is slow suicide! Never in the history of Bermuda has a respiratory ailment required mandatory use of a cloth mask to deter viral spreading. Quite simply, it does not work.

Extended use of cloth masks decreases the cardiovascular health of the wearer - especially within an office environment with no windows, and where oxygen is already thin. The danger is obviously (or it should be) cardiovascular failure due to inhalation of carbon dioxide, (Co2) which is waste expelled by the body when you exhale. A low level of Co2 inhalation is negligible; (not particularly threatening) but sealing both the nose and mouth with a cloth mask daily, whether inside or outside facilitates direct inhalation of Co2. It is medical lunacy!

Not only is there a clear and direct threat of Co2 poisoning, but some mask wearers do not switch out their cloth masks during the day. Repeated use of the same masks throughout just one workday causes the cloth material to deconstruct from overuse. This wearer easily inhales microscopic cotton fragments of the mask together with Co2 gas and viral fragments, which were expelled through exhalation. Those viral fragments simply re-enter the body through inhalation.

Not everyone enjoys an optimum level of cardiovascular and immunity health. What happens to individuals with an already weakened immune system and compromised cardiovascular health? What are these degradants capable of doing to the body? Here are some of the symptoms of Co2 poisoning:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Pins/needles tingling.
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Tiredness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Blurry vision/conjunctivitis (pink eye)


Headaches, dizziness, and difficulty breathing are also listed as symptoms of the flu and/or Covid-19. If you have experienced any of these symptoms from prolonged use of a cloth masks, your body is now under stress, which provokes viral flare-ups. That means dormant viral fragments that all humans carry in their bodies become stirred up due to physical stress.

Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) is caused by bacterial infection attacking the membrane that lines the eyelid and covers the eyeball. When Co2 is not allowed to freely escape the body, the gas (carrying bacteria) easily collects around the mouth and nose and flows upward into the eyes. It can also cause blurred vision

If a medical practitioner admitted you as a patient suffering from these symptoms, the last thing they will care to suspect is Co2 poisoning. It is almost certain that a Covid-19 test will be administered, and you will test positive for Covid-19 with the accompanying symptoms as proof of infection. One may ask, but doesn’t the Covid test confirm the presence of the covid-19 virus? The answer is No.

One of the preferred-kept truths of testing for covid-19 is that the current testing kit, known as the Reverse Transcript Polymerase Chain Reaction test (or PCR) is quite simply NOT looking for the Covid-19 virus. The test was created by Dr. Kary Mullis, who conveniently passed away of Pneumonia in 2019. So, he cannot explain it.

The late Dr. Kary Mullis

The PCR test was designed only to detect the presence of viral material in the human body, not a SPECIFIC virus. It will only indicate if you have more or less viral load in your system; but it does not identify what that viral load is.

To be fair, there have been several articles published recently, all advocating for the efficacy of the PCR test; but none can avoid the inescapable conclusion that the test cannot identify a specific pathogen. This explains why so many people who test positive for Covid have no symptoms…because they most likely have “something” other than the Covid virus in their system. It could simply (most likely) be dormant genetic material (fragments of other viruses, germs, and bacteria) floating around the body. But how much?

A “positive” test result for Covid is only possible if the testing process reveals more viral material in the body than less. The sample must be magnified repeatedly (cycles) to see how much of that genetic material is present in your system. If you have a substantial viral load, you are “positive” for Covid-19. (even if you are not sick) If you have a small viral load, your test result is “negative”.

But the viral load is more often a flare up of genetic material provoked by several other factors, such as stress, anger, bad diet, infrequent water intake or Co2 poisoning facilitated by LACK of OXYGEN circulating throughout your body! Isn’t it curious that these negative health factors have increased within the previous year as this so-called “pandemic” began to take ill-effect?

What does this mean for us? It means that the Ministry of Health can spew out false positive test results for as long as it suits its purpose. It can prolong this “pandemic” for at least another 6-7 months. It can raise anxiety by manipulating fear and ignorance of those who are poorly informed, by posting positive test results for people who are not ill. They can report an increase in hospitalizations for people who were most likely admitted for other ailments, and they can even report deaths “due to Covid”, even where it is merely assumed that death was “Covid-related”.

Could this explain why the Minister for anti-Health strongly advocates for mandatory use of masks? Where are the medical professionals to speak out against this obvious health threat, armed with an abundance of basic, biological science to back them?

Why are police officers, sworn to “protect” life and property, walking around instructing people to do something, which threatens their life – all to prevent the spreading of a flu virus, which has never NOT spread every day, year in and year out, and which has never NOT caused death to the dearly departed who succumbed because of weakened immunity and respiratory health?

One more important fact must be noted. According to the government’s own statistics, the number of deaths due to Covid (arguably) stands at 30 souls. (SIP) this includes those with existing or pre-existing health conditions and those whom it has been reported, died after receiving at least one dose of the Pfizer jab - something the government will never publicly admit. The percentage of deaths due to Covid-19 (a respiratory disease) against a population of 62,000 souls is 0.0045%

In 2015, an entity known as the Pan American Health Organization, completed a health study on Bermuda. Based on percentage, the organization prepared a chart illustrating all causes of death on the island in that same year. According to statistics on world population in 2015, Bermuda’s population stood at 65,000 souls.

According to the PAHO, 5% of Bermuda’s population died of respiratory ailments, which easily includes flu, pneumonia, coronavirus variants, chest infections and any other respiratory ailment. That means in 2015, nearly 24 people out of the total 466 deaths for that year, died of respiratory disease. That is seven (7) less deaths than Covid-19 from March 2020 to May 2021.

But to be more precise and even less scary, the respiratory deaths in 2015, happened within one year. The 30 deaths attributed to Covid-19 is the sum of two calendar years. If we count the number of Covid-19 deaths in 2020, the total is nine (9). in 2021, the total is 21 or 0.33% of the total population and 0.86% of the total number of Covid cases since 2020.

 Source PAHO

Why does the government insist that we prolong the unnecessary and unhealthy donning of masks, the psychological abuse through social distancing, the stress and anger inducing tactics of lockdowns and curfews, and the tunnel vision remedy of an experimental jab as the only solution for a flu virus with a recovery rate well over 95%? Where is the pandemic?  

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This is clearly not the government’s agenda. Someone else is pulling the strings. Mr. Marc Bean, leader of the Free Democratic Movement in Bermuda stated, “I declare that the progressive labor party today has been hijacked.”

He is absolutely correct. Ignorance is the real virus and fear is the pandemic.

Remove the lock-downs, face masks, social distancing, curfews and the incessant media reports of rising Covid cases, where hardly anyone is physically sick, and this pandemic (of whatever sort) will literally disappear overnight. Life will revert to normal with a typical flu season, inclusive of hospital visits and, unfortunately, fatalities, which is all currently normal or perhaps even slightly above the level of expectancy.


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