Car Rally Calls Out Government on Covid 19

Posted Sunday, 02 May 2021 22:50
Car Rally Calls Out Government on Covid 19

Is the Bermuda Government exploiting Covid-19 for nefarious purposes by labeling it as a "pandemic"?

From: Bermuda Source

Residents of Bermuda took to the streets on Sunday, following the organization of a Car Rally in protest of the government’s heavy – handed approach to Covid 19. About 200 vehicles jammed Front Street before heading off toward the eastern end of the island. Large numbers of locals stood outside their homes  to show their support as the vehicles made their way along North Shore Road in Pembroke into St. David’s and the town of St. George.

The rally then made its way out of the east toward the western end of the island, before converging at the former T.N. Tatem Middle School in Warwick, where select speakers were on hand to address the gathering. Members of the Bermuda Police Service were also on hand. “Plandemic” was the catch phrase, according to some attendees who readily accepted that the Covid 19 virus does exist, but it is hardly at the level of a pandemic.

There is a growing segment of the population that suspect that Premier David Burt and Health Minister Kim Wilson have engineered a spike in covid-19 cases to bolster support for Burt’s campaign to vaccinate almost 70% of the population, even though alternative remedies for Covid 19 have proven to be successful in treating the virus.

“Lock me up”, said one woman in attendance, after stating in no uncertain terms that she will not submit herself to receiving “the jab”. “It’s discrimination” said another woman, when referring to preferential treatment offered by the government to vaccinated residents over non-vaccinated residents. “They told us to ask the questions, now were doing it, we’re conspiracy theorists”, said Antonio Belvedere, as he addressed the crowd over a loudspeaker.

The event ended peacefully with organizers thanking the crowd for showing up and promising that future events were in the works.

See footage of the gathering at TN Tatem HERE

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