The Man Behind the Plan.

Posted Thursday, 08 April 2021 21:34
The Man Behind the Plan.

Where is Bill Gates these days? Some say that he secretly visited Bermuda in 2020. The government denied it. But if Gates did visit Bermuda, why the need for secrecy? Would the world's most prominent "Philanthropist" and Healthcare advocate who spends billion of dollars to eradicate disease across the world need to hide his presence from the very people he claims to be helping?

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If you searched Google for, “The most powerful Doctor in the world”, you would likely find at the top of the list an article by Politico’, attributing that title to Bill Gates. To be clear, Bill Gates is not a Doctor. Since 2007, he and his wife Melinda, both hold “honorary” degrees in medicine from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden for their public contributions and achievements in global healthcare. The term ‘Honorary’ simply means that a person is granted membership into a field or a group where the necessary qualifications and credentials are waived.

For over a decade, Bill Gates has climbed the ladder in global healthcare, donating almost $8 billion to causes throughout the world. At this writing, Gates is the second largest donor to the World Health Organization, pumping almost $3 billion into the global health authority. This means that a single individual donates more money to the WHO than do entire nations. He also funds every major healthcare initiative on the planet.

Considering the astronomical sums of money Gates has pumped into healthcare, it would certainly afford him considerable influence in determining how health initiatives are managed and directed. According to one insider in the WHO, Gates is treated like a “Head of State”. He is certainly instrumental in directing the vaccine protocol in the current Covid-19 “pandemic” which broke out in 2019 and spread into over 100 countries across the world.

It is no secret that Gates holds a fetish for vaccines. His exploits are well known in the African region, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was pivotal in its role to provide Polio vaccine to millions of children on the African continent. An initial donation of $1.1 billion went into the project, 30% of which was donated by Gates.

Relief web reports that since 2020, over 40 million children were vaccinated against Polio in the African region. Since 2020, it is reported that Polio disease is completely eradicated across the African continent. The international media is quick to point out the prominent role The Gates Foundation played in the elimination of the dreaded disease. However, the story does not end happily.

The Polio eradication announced by the World Health Organization in 2020, was “Wild Polio”. In March 2021, The Guardian published a story about 2 Sudanese children who contracted a “vaccine- derived” Polio, which contained an attenuated (weakened) strand of the disease as an ingredient. Both children are now paralyzed.

This new Polio, derived from the vaccine, has since spread from Sudan into Chad and Cameroon, where it is confirmed that the cases in Chad are linked to the cases in Sudan. The WHO admitted that the risk of spreading the vaccine-derived Polio in the region was high. This prompted the organization to “reluctantly” suspend the Polio vaccinations out of fear of creating a new Vaccine-derived Polio spread.

To date, 38 countries (mainly in Africa) have suspended Polio vaccinations, not only because of the problem with the vaccine, but also due to the Covid-19 outbreak, where, once again, vaccines are being touted as the solution to the crisis in the western world.

Between June-October 2020, over 500 of people were infected (asymptomatic) with Covid-19 in Bermuda. Recovery rates were at 90% and over. 12 deaths were contributed to the virus at the time, By January 2021, the new Pfizer vaccine rolled out in Bermuda. Between January – April 2021, and since the vaccine rollout, Covid-19 infection rates in Bermuda skyrocketed to almost 900 cases and climbing. 14 deaths have now been attributed to the virus and active hospitalizations have increased into double digits.

At this writing, (April 2021) over 35,000 residents have received one dose of the vaccine. Over 15,000 residents have been fully vaccinated. The rise in deaths, active cases and hospitalizations have also risen in lockstep with Bermuda’s vaccine campaign. It is hardly unreasonable to conclude that the sharp uptick of Covid cases in Bermuda is a “vaccine-derived” strain of the virus, which behaves in similar fashion to the vaccine-derived Polio virus in Africa.

Health officials and politicians in Bermuda vehemently deny any causal link between the sharp rise in Covid infections and the Pfizer vaccine. But the World Health Organization confirms that such a link is established in Africa and have subsequently suspended Polio vaccinations as a result.

Bermuda follows WHO guidelines for Covid-19. In the genuine interest of public health and safety, would it not be prudent for government and health officials to recognize and/or acknowledge the very real threat of vaccine-derived illness and put an immediate halt to Covid vaccinations in Bermuda?

It should also be noted that the quest to vaccinate almost everyone on the planet is not medically sustainable. It strongly implies that no one on earth has an immune system capable of providing a broad spectrum of antibodies to fight off viruses, infections and bacteria. The medical establishment risk severe negligence, either by remaining silent and/or lending support to politicians who may have taken allegiance with a foreign entity to impose medical tyranny on its own citizens. 

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