God in the Whirlwind

Posted Saturday, 14 September 2019 21:36

From: Bermuda Source

If Christians are telling people that sin provoked God to destroy Abaco with a hurricane. Will Humberto be God in the Whirlwind for Bermuda?

As expected, there are videos in circulating warning that the destruction of Abaco was the judgment of God for the sin of the inhabitants of the island. One video making the rounds on Facebook, features a female prophet, warning Christians of Abaco that God will "walk" through the region (implying judgment) for the scent of wickedness that has reached his nostrils.

Some believe that the deeper implication is that Hurricane Dorian represented God "walking through" Abaco, as the prophetess declared, even though there was not one specific or pointed reference to Hurricane Dorian in the message.

Granted, tornadoes and strange weather patterns were mentioned, but devoid of contextual signification, which would qualify as a genuine prophecy about a killer storm ravaging Abaco.

The following is not an indictment against all members of the Christian community (many know better) but I never cease to be amazed at how zealous Christians routinely refer to violent natural disasters as tools of righteous indignation in the hands of an angry God for the sin of humanity. 

The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet. - Nahum 1:3

The Prophet Nahum seems to agree; although his words seem more applicable to ancient times. If Christians choose to apply his vision in contemporary society, it must apply with the risk of undermining the very foundation of belief in a “loving God” - a god who to this very day, persists with futile attempts to force “repentance” by ravaging specific locations with hurricanes. It simply does not work. It has never worked.

These so-called "acts of judgment" by God will only stir anger and rebellion, not love and repentance. An all-knowing God would certainly know this and cease with such counter-productive methods of attrition.

The only positive outcome is for the benefit of the so-called prophets of God, who are once again armed with brand new spiritual chains to bind about the necks of the spiritually gullible, goading them to believe that God is giving ( yet another) “final warning” to some unfortunate nation of the world that will not listen to him. This scare tactic is powerfully persuasive in keeping “God’s people” bound in fear of a very violent and murderous deity, willing to kill with impunity, anyone who fails to obey him.

This presents a very serious situation; for if one is to believe that "God" is the arbiter of destruction of Abaco for its "wickedness", then it would appear that Bermuda is about to be judged (again) in similar fashion.

And why?

Well, the Christian community in Bermuda recently protested against the LGBTQ parade that took place in August; and so it is tempting not to pass up an opportunity to draw a parallel dynamic, using the pending arrival of Tropical Storm Humberto, which will approach very near (if not directly over) Bermuda as a hurricane next week, and his yet defined “spiritual” significance (if any) for Bermuda.

It cannot be confirmed what specific sin(s) put Abaco over the edge with God that angered him so much, (God never talks about that) but clearly, he was pissed. However, according to one assessment by Misha-el, of Misha-el Ministries, it was corruption, sexual perversion and gambling, to name a few, which provoked God to flatten Abaco – because those things don’t happen anywhere else.

Misha-el even went so far as to say that after he prayed to God, he saw an angel of the Lord take off and go before God's throne, prompting God to lessen the winds, causing the storm, (Dorian) "to just hug the coastline, just to scare everybody" ...this is Misha-el's favorable portrayal of the biblical deity - one who gets kicks out of scaring people with a violent storm he just used to decimate the homeland of an entire population. 

So, in what way can Bermuda be defined as “wicked” by Abaco standards? Bermuda has corruption and sexual perversion for sure. Gambling? Well, there’s Crown and Anchor at cricket matches. What sins could be more conducive for destroying an island than all of this?

Well, most Christians in Bermuda consider LGBTQ behavior as sin. Thus, to "parade" that sin, (as we did so ceremoniously in Bermuda) would certainly raise the ire of a righteous "God" and put Bermuda on the same footing as Abaco.

Since God’s weapon of choice for Abaco was a hurricane, it can only be assumed for now that TS Humberto is assigned to perform a similar act of divine retribution - a task that would require him to be significantly more powerful than the predicted Category 1 designation which he will attain prior to reaching the island.

Please understand, dear reader, that I have no wish, desire nor psychotic delight to see my homeland laid to waste by any means; but if you, as a Christian choose to agree with the prevailing sentiment that your biblical deity destroyed Abaco for sin, which must have endured for some time, then you would do well to realize that he destroyed both Christian and non-Christian alike.

And so by the theological surmising by many of your brethren, who invoke harsh, unloving, judgmental positions on the matter, making claims of seeing angels at the very Throne of God, it is only fair to accept that what “God did” to Abaco, he must also do to Bermuda, sparing no one, Christian and non-Christian alike. Is that the kind of deity you serve, or do the ramblings and false visions of false prophets, persist in tickling the ears of the spiritually gullible and undiscerning?



God in the Whirlwind

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