A Massive Celebration of Pride: Bermuda Records Historic LGBTQ Parade

Posted Saturday, 31 August 2019 20:22
A Massive Celebration of Pride: Bermuda Records Historic LGBTQ Parade

From Bermuda Source:

Black or white, LGBTQ or straight, man or woman, resident or visitor, it didn’t matter what your persuasion, it was all at the Victoria Park in Hamilton, Bermuda, for the historic LBGTQ Pride parade on Saturday morning.

As far as the numbers go, the parade participants easily rivaled and perhaps surpassed those who participated in the Heroes Weekend celebrations in June of this year. The event turned out to be truly massive! And if you do not believe the crowd was truly large, you must not have been there!

The parade departed Victoria Park around 11am and proceeded North along Dundonald Street, right onto Parliament Street, left on Victoria Street, right onto Court Street, right onto Front Street, right onto Church Street, left onto Cedar Avenue, before returning to Victoria Park.

Not even the scorching heat could sap the collective energy of literally thousands of participants as they sang and danced along the parade route. Apart from reported graffiti, which defaced part of the roadway outside of the Royal Gazette building, the entire procession was executed flawlessly from start to finish.

Any minor concerns about violence were quickly subdued. The participants were well composed and “appropriately” attired, which settled previous rippling throughout the wider community of the potential for lurid behavior or inappropriate conduct – kind of like Carnival but no such activity happened. It was indeed a family friendly celebration and enjoyment, suitable for all ages.

None of this is to discount, minimize or over-shadow the peaceful opposition to the parade, which was undertaken by members of the local Christian community on Friday evening.

The position of the Church matters and should also be respected; but regardless of personal opinions, political motivations or religious persuasion, the reality remains the same: Bermuda, like many other nations across this plane of existence, is home to LGBTQ community. They held a parade. Fun was had by all and clearly, a whole lot of people are not bothered by any of that. Time to move on.

Bermuda Source was on hand to run here and there, braving the threat of dehydration (carrying water would have been a great idea) or being trampled, to capture footage of the parade from various locations along the parade route.

Click HERE to enjoy highlights of the event, which is now one for the history books.  

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