1 Person Dead in Mass Shooting in Brooklyn

Posted Sunday, 28 July 2019 13:48

Source: The UK Daily Mail

  • Twelve people were shot on a playground in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn Saturday night
  • At least one person has died from their injuries - a 38-year-old man - according to police sources
  • A child is reported to be among those injured in the mass shooting 
  • The shooting came as the park was crowded with people for a community event which attracted hundreds of attendees 

'It was pure pandemonium': Man, 38, is killed as TWELVE people - including a child - are shot in a hail of gunfire at a Brooklyn playground during annual block party 'old timers' event

A 38-year-old man has died following a mass shooting at a park in New York City

Eleven other people - including a child - were injured as a hail of gunfire erupted at Brownsville Playground in Brooklyn at around 11pm on Saturday night. 


The area was teeming with locals who were out celebrating 'Old Timers Week' - an annual community block party in its 56th year.  

A single shooter - still at large -  is believed to be responsible for the tragedy, according to The New York Post.   

Following the incident, scores of police and EMS response teams descended upon the area before victims were rushed to nearby hospitals.  

Detectives were seen pacing the area, with one abandoned firearm found among discarded cups and bottles that littered the ground following the festival.

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1 Person Dead in Mass Shooting in Brooklyn

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