Sizzling Cup Match Celebration in Hamilton

Posted Friday, 26 July 2019 17:43
Sizzling Cup Match Celebration in Hamilton

From Bermuda Source:

It’s Cup Match time in Bermuda!

The searing heat had little effect on anyone as throngs of spectators and participants lined the city streets in Bermuda on Friday, for the pre-Cup Match celebrations, sponsored by HSBC, Bermuda.

It was a scene reminiscent of the recent Carnival celebrations in the city of Hamilton in June of this year. A Large truck, equipped with loud speakers and boarded by dozens of revelers, began its journey from Court Street, proceeded south, entering Front Street, then west along Front Street, north along Bermudiana Road, then east along Church Street.  

Marcus “DJ Chubb” George hyped the crowd every step of the way with a clever mix of Soca music and witty commentary that charged the atmosphere with excitement and eager anticipation of the upcoming Holiday weekend. Somerset and St George fans alike danced along the sidewalks and waved their flags high to show support for their respective teams.

One or two motorists were none too pleased with traffic delays due to the celebrations, but ultimately, the mood was festive as residents and visitors captured photos and video footage of the procession. Only one team can win the match (Somerset!) But win or lose, it is definitely gearing up to be a most enjoyable Cup Match holiday weekend!

CLICK HERE for full footage of the procession as it made its way through Hamilton

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