Christians Turn Out for Peaceful Rally

Posted Saturday, 31 August 2019 00:44

From Bermuda Source:

On the evening before Bermuda’s first ever LBGTQ Pride parade, which will be held in the city of Hamilton, Christians from all over the island converged at Victoria Park to take part in a peaceful rally to demonstrate their opposition to the planned event.

Believers representing various Christian denominations gradually began to gather at the park at around 7pm. As their numbers increased, the assembly slowly began to walk around the park, many of them praying as they went along.

One of the organizers of the event stated that the Church had received permission to gather and walk along the outside of the park. Members of the gathering did NOT enter the park.

The entire procession lasted about an hour, concluding with a large gathering on Cedar Avenue, where believers faced the parked and broke into song and celebration, praising God. It was a fairly good turnout for the Christian community.

Click HERE for footage of the march around the park.

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Christians Turn Out for Peaceful Rally

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