Transport Control Staff Bring Fitness Challenge to the Arboretum

Posted Tuesday, 16 July 2019 01:04

From Bermuda Source:

This week the fitness team from the Transport Control Department, cleverly known as The Agony of Defeet, met at the Arboretum in Devonshire Parish for another exercise session for the Global Fitness Challenge.

Vaughn Davis, (Mad Dog Training) Sue Smith, Linda Wall, Yolanda Johnstone and Sandra Beach were joined by two additional participants, Charles Clarke and Lisa Smith, both members of staff for TCD. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Ms. Smith could not make the start of the session; but we certainly look forward to seeing her in action this week. 

Once the team gathered, they set straight to business, completing several laps of the Arboretum, amassing several thousand steps collectively as they attempt to gain some ground on competing teams from other government departments.


Putting in that hard work

And while competition is always a priority, the team did not take themselves so seriously to pass up the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings. It is still not too late to join in on the fun. The training can be challenging but it engenders a feeling of satisfaction in raising fitness levels and accomplishing personal fitness goals.

Making it look good

The fitness challenge ends October 28, 2019; but you can still become a part of wider movement that encourages a lifetime of physical fitness for stronger minds and bodies. This coming Thursday, July 18, the team will be on the Railway Trail on Cobbs Hill in Warwick.

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Transport Control Staff Bring Fitness Challenge to the Arboretum

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