From the UK Daily Mail:

  • Trump said raids scheduled to begin Sunday will target those ordered deported
  • ICE is set to begin pre-dawn raids in ten cities to round up illegal immigrants
  • Cities to be included in the raids are: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Baltimore, Atlanta, Denver, and New Orleans 
  • But Democrat mayors in Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere vow not to help

President Donald Trump has said that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be targeting those who have already been heard by a court and ordered deported in raids set to begin at dawn on Sunday.

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Posted On Saturday, 22 June 2019 15:56

From Gulf News:

Geneva: Iran executed a former contract employee for the aerospace organisation of the defence ministry in recent days on charges of spying for the US Central Intelligence Agency, the IRIB news agency reported on Saturday. Jalal Hajizavar had left his post nine years ago and was convicted by a military court after an investigation which discovered documents and spying equipment at his home, the report said.

He was executed at the Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, west of Tehran, without providing further details.


Posted On Saturday, 22 June 2019 15:37

From TNN:

Chaos reigned at Westgate’s main kitchen as the ceiling collapsed, spraying debris among the galley and forcing an evacuation and closure of the area, precipitating a search for a suitable facility to produce meals for prisoners. According to inside sources reaching out to TNN mould and moisture are the culprits in the cave in, combining to weaken the drop ceiling encompassing the kitchen to the point of its failure, the area existing directly below the administrative building at the Dockyard correctional facility.

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Posted On Saturday, 22 June 2019 11:17

From the Royal Gazette:

An unmarked police car crashed with a taxi in St George’s last night. The incident happened at Stone Crusher Corner, on Kindley Field Road, when the police car was being driven west, and the taxi was going in the opposite direction, at about 10pm. The police officer, taxi driver and taxi passenger, who was a local resident, were not hurt.

Both vehicles were damaged and impounded pending further enquiries. Witnesses should call Sergeant Glynn Kellman on 717-2204 or on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Posted On Saturday, 22 June 2019 01:22

From the Royal Gazette:

A sex offender will be released without an electronic monitoring device on Monday after he argued it would cause him pain. Junius Caines, 50, was jailed for serious sexual assault after his attempt to rape a woman was foiled by passers-by in August 2016.

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Posted On Saturday, 22 June 2019 01:17
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