From Bermuda Real:

The first of four people arrested in connection with that disturbance at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club on Wednesday night (June 26) were formally charged in Magistrates’ Court this morning.

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Posted On Thursday, 27 June 2019 19:18

From Rock Nation:

What would you do if it were you?

A local woman was caught red handed after stealing a purse from another woman while she attended prayers at a church in the city of Hamilton on Monday. Apparently, the culprit seized an opportunity to grab the bag while it was temporarily left unattended. Two men who were also praying in the same assembly witnessed the theft and gave chase to the woman as she fled. The culprit was immediately apprehended and subdued by a man.

According to footage captured at the scene, the culprit was asked where the money was. She was seen retrieving what appeared to be cash from her right sock and hand it over to another female who threatened to strike her before pulling back. It is believed that the culprit is a known drug addict and that her behavior was a desperate attempt to score some quick cash to feed her habit. 

Immediately after the video footage began to circulate, little bits and pieces of the culprits previous criminal exploits surfaced, which clearly suggests that some locals are quite familiar with her criminal behavior. In this case, the general consensus was that she got what she deserved.

This incident ended positively for the victim of the crime who got her money back; but what about the perpetrator? We cannot confirm her state of mind at the time of the crime; and although we certainly do not condone or pardon the culprit's actions, getting "what she deserved" is an extremely condensed verdict, jammed into the contents of a 30-second video byte. If drug addiction or some other form of mental illness played a part in this incident, then simply passing judgment on what the public sees on video, doesn't really solve the bigger problem at all.




Posted On Tuesday, 25 June 2019 00:16

From the Royal Gazette:

A 22-year-old man critically injured in the early hours of Sunday was an off-duty police officer, according to a spokesman. The man was riding his private motorcycle at around 2.45am when it crashed on Crow Lane, Pembroke. No other vehicle appears to have been involved, the spokesman added. The man is being treated in King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

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Posted On Monday, 24 June 2019 21:20

From The Royal Gazette:

Kimeko Roberts didn’t set out to write a book. The 49-year-old only joined local author Latisha Washington’s online course because she wanted to try “something different” before she hit the big five-0.

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Posted On Monday, 24 June 2019 17:33

From the Royal Gazette:

Photo by Royal Gazette

The Court of Appeal has found that the Director of the Department of Public Prosecutions correctly handled allegations of gross misconduct by one of his deputies. In a decision handed down on Friday, the court found that Larry Mussenden, the DPP, did not have an apparent bias in the case of allegations made against Cindy Clarke, the Deputy DPP.

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Posted On Monday, 24 June 2019 17:25
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