DJ Chubb Turns Refreshment Stop Into Celebration

Posted Saturday, 04 May 2019 23:10

From Rock Nation:

No, it wasn't Carnival or even May 24th. It was Bermuda's annual End to End Charity Walk, where residents and visitors alike geared up to trek the 21 miles, from one end of Bermuda to other. The walk which starts from St George begins early at 7am and ends when the last participant arrives in Dockyard, located at the extreme western end of the island. There are refreshment stops for participants throughout their journey; but there is one stop that is unlike the rest. As walkers and cyclists trekked through the railway trail in Southampton, they were met with the lively sound of Soca music, played by Marcus "DJ Chubb" George, a well known radio personality in Bermuda. The celebratory vibe resonated with more than a few people. DJ Chubb can be heard on weekday mornings on FM103. 

DJ Chubb Turns Refreshment Stop Into Celebration

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