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Terms for Use of Bermuda Source Website

Bermuda Source allows users to create individual accounts for the purpose of posting videos, pics, and articles as newsworthy content, as well as providing a forum for posting comments and other content in each section that provides news and information. All content uploaded to the Bermuda Source website becomes the property of Bermuda Source.


Pornographic and/or racist content will be blocked and removed, and may result in a user’s account being permanently deleted. Slander, libel or any other form of damage to the character of another person, as well as personal threats to the safety of another, by way of writing, video images, verbal messages or still images, is strictly prohibited. Any such material captured and uploaded onto the Bermuda Source website in violation of this prohibition will be forwarded to the proper authorities for investigation. Capturing video and still images of individuals, in violation of one’s reasonable right to privacy will not be posted. Bermuda Source reserves the right to reject any content, which violates the Terms of Use policy, or which may otherwise conflict with the aims and objectives found in the ‘About Us’ section, or which violates any statute of law, whether it is in force in Bermuda or any statute of international law currently in force.   

Bermuda Source aims to become Bermuda's first choice for compelling and engaging content on a variety of topics. We encourage and promote interaction and in-depth discussion, as well as sharing different views and opinions about living life in Bermuda.

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