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All personal information provided to Bermuda Source for user accounts, including full names, addresses, contact numbers and passwords will be stored by Bermuda Source and held in strict confidence by the Administrators of the Bermuda Source website. All content uploaded to the Bermuda Source Website by users who request anonymity will be held in strict confidence. In all cases where a subscriber or account holder is in violation of some statute of local or international law, and where such personal information is required by law to be provided to the appropriate authorities, in the interest of justice, a subscriber or account holder’s personal information may be provided to authorities upon request for the purpose of identifying offender(s) against the law, and for the execution of justice against said offenders against the law. Subscribers and account users are encouraged to read the Terms of Service Policy carefully.

Bermuda Source aims to become Bermuda's first choice for compelling and engaging content on a variety of topics. We encourage and promote interaction and in-depth discussion, as well as sharing different views and opinions about living life in Bermuda.

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