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From Rock Nation:

Lamont Marshall makes it look easy as he cruises through Hamilton Parish on Friday, on the way to his 3rd May 24 Derby Title. Sean Trott finished in second place about a minute behind Marshall. A total of 911 runners participated in the year's event. Area residence gathered on the street to cheer the runners as they made their way down Crawl Hill in Hamilton Parish. The cycle race is featured first as the participants quickly raced through Hamilton Parish.

Sean Trott - 2nd place

Motocross Champion, Allan "LJ" Degraff reveals how he keeps in shape to win Motocross titles as he participates in this year's half marathon event.


Posted On Friday, 24 May 2019 20:44

From Rock Nation:

It was a father and son celebration for #24 this Sunday afternoon at the Southside Raceway in St. David’s. Allan “LJ” DeGraff and his son, 6-year-old Ahjani Foggo, were the runaway winners in the 450cc and 50cc classes respectively. DeGraff demolished the competition, taking an early lead out of the starting blocks before breaking away from a strong field to win all three of his races to clinch the championship.

In the 50cc class, DeGraff’s young son, Ahjani Foggo, followed his father’s example, overcoming a minor collision with another rider early in his second race before going on to take the checkered flag. Foggo later took an early lead in his third and final run to eventually win the race by a convincing margin. Foggo may have won all three of his races, as did his father, had he not suffered mechanical problems, which forced him to withdraw from his first race at the start of the first lap.

Click HERE  to watch footage of Ahjani Foggo's race.


Posted On Monday, 06 May 2019 01:43
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